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Site Supervisor (Diriginte de santier)

Site Supervisor responsibilities:

* Checks the compliance of the construction products with law 10/1995requirements, respectively: existence of quality testimonial documents, compliance of these documents with the requirements of quality documentation, Project, Contract;
* Forbids the usage of inadequate construction products or those without conformity certificate, conformity declaration or technical agreement;
* Checks the existence of the construction authorization, as well as fulfillment of the legal requirements regarding validity terms;
* Checks the concordance between the provisions of the construction authorization and Project requirements;
* Checks the existence of all written documents and drawings, the correlation between them, observance of the regulations regarding Project checking by certified checkers and the existence of certified checker stamp when required;
* Checks if the Quality Check Plan issued by the Contractor is defining the leading phases of the construction work and has the approval of Construction Inspectorate;
* Checks the existence and validity of all notices and agreements as well as the implementation of their requirements in accordance with the Project;
* Checks the existence of the Quality Plan and procedures / work instructions, issued by the Contractor;
* Follows up the construction and ensures that the requirements of the Project, Scope of Work, applicable technical regulations and the Contract are observed;
* Checks the observance of the Method Statements by the Contractor and the achievement of the quality level foreseen by the Contract and applicable technical regulations;
* Stops the work when performed by un-authorized personnel, according to applicable legal regulations;
* Performs checks as required by technical regulations and signs the related documents (quality check reports, hidden works reports etc.);
* Checks and signs the bill of quantities prepared by the Contractor, before they are submitted to the Client;
* Follows up the works continuously and approves the release for payment only for the works which are adequate from the quantity and quality point of view during construction works;
* Stops the works and instructs the Contractor to demolish or . if possible . repair in accordance with the solutions given by the Designer and approved by a certified checker;
* When documentation was modified or when new solutions are adopted and the design basis is changed, checks compliance with Law no. 10 / 1995 regulations regarding quality in construction;
* Ensures that the Contractor observes the instructions given by the Designer / legal authorities;
* Takes over the documents issued by the Contractor and the Designer and completes the construction technical record book with all documents required by applicable legal regulations;
* Follows up the dismantling of the site camp, reinstatement and land hand over to the owner;
* Issues the final acceptance documents and ensures their filing;
* Follows up that Contractor solves the punch items list, attached to the final acceptance report, as advised by the final acceptance committee;
* Hands over to the Client the final acceptance documents and the construction technical record book;

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