School of Bunesti

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Students' reaction

From the first to the last series the students were a constant joy for me. As it happens, I grew especially attached to some of them.

A few of them are organizing themselves these days in a voluntary association which should help with the development of the project. I made many friends among the parents too who are forming a group of support. Yet, I had some hot debates with the young architects on the topic of concrete qualities or about the benefits of progress. One night we talked about the educational model I suggest and I told them about a conversation I had last spring with the famous professor Peter Brown from Princeton who had discovered in my project the model of formation of the British gentleman of the 18th century. Well, the students asked me what a gentleman was and why it was good to be a gentleman, with a slight hesitation in their voices. On the one hand I sensed fascination, on the other hand a revolt towards something which was not very easy to be understood by them. I answered them that the harder the climb was the greater the reward once you reached the top. After all, the gentleman is the most beautiful achievement of this fallen world: a knight doubled by a scholar.