School of Bunesti

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The project has a real ecological dimension

In the line of the good things that we wish to recreate is the fact that we shall build with materials which we may call ecological: wood, dried earth mixed with straw or adobe (namely, different types of combinations of earth, sand, manure and straw), river stone.

Then the discreet placement of our constructions will be essential: we shall build normal size things so that the group of houses should integrate and even lose itself in the landscape. This year building was a signal and it will in fact be the highest of all as it has six metres. This year we wanted to say that we had arrived, that something was going on. In fact the house is located at the entrance of the meadow and in an opening of the ring of trees surrounding it so that it should be seen from the road. That is the limit of our discretion.

But first of all the school will feed itself on what the students will be able to grow themselves and then with what grows in the village. This summer we shared our living space with a sheephold, which daily provided us with feta, sweet cheese, milk and fresh eggs. Then we bought vegetables and fruit from the village, and only when the village food was not enough did we go to the markets in Curtea de Arges or Pitesti.

On the other hand the vicinity of the sheephold allowed for a genuine life experience, starting with our friendship with the dogs up to playing with the lambs and the riding on Monica the mare. One day we gathered and we moved Marian's sheepfold; we would always bring him water and bread from the village. But the most important effect of this living together was the fact that Marian's two sons learned to change their language register from a peasant language to a more refined language, like in Arghezi's poetry. I hope that Marian's sheephold will be a long time partner for the School, not only for providing food in a large variety of dairy products, but also as a place in which the students should learn and practice farming.
Physical work is part of the educational project. Starting next year we are going to make our own butter in the churn. We also intend to raise horses which will be the main means of transport of the students to the village. We have already learned this year with Marian's help how to drive a wagon. In the first weeks the well was not dug yet and we were going to the village in the wagon to bring water. It was the most amusing experience which the students particularly liked. No wonder.