School of Bunesti

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Petre Guran, Ana-Maria Goilav (, Mihaela Arsene, Neagu Djuvara, Constantin Ottescu, Andrei Plesu, Mihai Opreanu, ierom. Justin Marchis, Marius Vasileanu, Adrian Moleavin, Ilinca Iurascu, Andreea Popescu, Alec Balasescu, Elena Copuzeanu, Andrei Gaitanaru, Andrian Papahagi, Radu Preda (, Mihai Neamtu, Dragos Bahrim, ...

Axioma lui Arhimede

Un sonet dăruit de matematicianul Constantin Ottescu Şcolii de la Buneşti

“Oricâte” nu-s atâtea ca “oricât”:

Că presupune o numărătoare!

“Oricâte” e întreg, “oricât”: valoare

Reală. Femininul, hotărât,




This is what I want to propose to the students of the future School : not only the chance to see these teachers from a distance, but also to meet them, to frequently talk to them, to learn not only from what they say, but also from the way they live, from what they really are. The students need to imitate solar beings, strong and charismatic personalities and that is why they have to stay around them. Education consists of mimesis.




There are a few young people with a serious academic background who dream about teaching in such a school. I should name first arh. Ana - Maria Goilav, who created in Bunesti the first comunity of builder-architects, her collegues arh. Mihaela Arsene (honorary senior researcher at the Romanian Peasant's Museum), arh. Adrian Moleavin, arh. Mihai Dutescu, arh. Cristina Stefan. The development counts also on the contribution of Toader Paleologu (whose experience at the European College of Liberal Arts in Berlin, where he has been directing the summer school for several years, will be precious to us), Adrian Papahagi, Alexandru Gussi, Mihai Neamtu, Marius Vasileanu, Stefan Vianu, Bogdan Tataru-Cazaban,  Catalin Pavel, Mirel Banica, Cristian Scholtes, Stefania Gubavu. We are equally glad to be joined by well known personalities like Andrei Plesu, Neagu Djuvara, Paul Gherasim, arh. Mircea Ochinciuc, Constantin Ottescu, Stefan Andreescu, Nicolae S. Tanasoca.